NEW: innovative ceramic floor, wall and decorative tiles

Innovative ceramic tiles with unlimited, non-repetitive structures in perfect match with the decor for an extremely realistic, natural look and fee providing an immediately noticeable added value thanks to the revolutionary high resolution, digital printed structure with Durst Gamma DG („RockJET™” and „VariStructure™” variable glaze laydown printing technologies).

Completely inert product with sealed surface.

No fading, stains, no sealing required – easy to clean

Surfaces with ceramic tiles are antimicrobia and antibacterial preventing the spread of bacteria, virus and germes.

Ceramic tiles, especially porcelain tiles are the most durable flooring options with no maintenance.

Tile decorated with Durst Gamma XD are not distinguishable from natural products

Gamma DG

Revolutionary single pass digital structure printing technology | Proprietary Durst “RockJET-TM” print head and “VariStructure-TM” glaze jetting technologies | New optical and haptic effects for extremely natural look and feel